Cultural Day

December 10, 2017


As part of a diverse, multi-cultural community, it was fantastic to celebrate this with children and their families.
It was lovely to see so many children dressing in clothes from their own or other cultures and the staff looked great as well!

To start the day off the children spent time with their own teacher discussing the cultures that were represented in their class. Some children were lucky enough to have parents visit them to talk about their beliefs, values and traditions.

It was exciting to see the Creche/Play group Class dress all up in the Africans whilst the Preschool Class came out all dressed in the Egyptian attire…looking very elegant.

Later in the morning the children rotated around different classrooms and looked at different countries and cultures including South Africa, Israeli and Nigeria. The children had opportunities to take part in different activities in each classroom including; creating Egyptian artwork, food tasting from around the world.

After school we celebrated with our community by sharing some wonderful dishes from the different cultures represented within the school whilst listening to music from different countries.

Thank you to all the families who made such an effort to dress their children in their cultural outfits, came into speak to the children or provided food for our after school celebration. We can’t wait to do it all again next year!


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