Pst. Mrs. Laurie Uka Ntia

Message From Our Lady Proprietor
  • Hello, my name is Pst. Mrs. Laurie Uka Ntia and I am the Lady Proprietor of Full LIfe International Schools, Uyo.

    I hope you enjoy looking around our website and finding out a little more about the school and what we do.

    We are a hard working school with a skilled and committed staff who go the extra mile to support the children in their care. Over the past years the school has been on an amazing journey of improvement and now we are on the next step of our journey, as we push to become outstanding.

    As a Christian school our focus is to mould the next generation one child at a time, in a child centred environment. treating them as individuals and offering them learning experiences which are memorable and allow them to develop skills to cope with the ever changing world around them. We look to develop the whole child and pride ourselves on the fact that we see each child as unique, with their own strengths and personality.

    Our school is a warm and welcoming place, where children feel comfortable enough to take push with themselves in their learning. We are committed to creating safe, stimulating and exciting learning environments where children can feel inspired and confident that their ideas and opinions will be valued.

    We enjoy involving Parents and the wider community in the life of the school, ensuring the links between school and home are strong and support our pupils learning. We value the opinions of all members of our learning community and we use feedback to help us improve the provision we provide for the children in our care.

    Myself, the Staff and the Pupils of Full Life International Schools are proud of our school and proud of what we achieve everyday.

  • Her Profile
    Academic Qualification(s)



    (1) Be all that God wants you to be per time
    (2) Do all that God wants you to do per time


    Hardworking and committed people;
    People who love God more than self.


    Laziness, Insincerity, Lack of creativity and sin

  • We are offering:
    • Certified Teachers100%
    • Satisfied Parents100%
    • Confident and Independent Pupils90%
    • Emerging, Purpose-driven, Self-motivated Students90%
    • The Academy

      Runs IGCSE – a wide range of subjects with a high academic standards through a practical approach to teaching and learning

    • Preschool

      The Pre-school is a specially-prepared Montessori environment, laying a solid foundation for children aged 18 months to 5+.

    • Crèche

      The Crèche caters for babies from age 3 to 18 months in a warm and homely environment.